A Church is usually a really peaceful place but an Illinois man had to ruin it for everyone during a weekly service.

Illinois Residents Attend Church For Serenity

Many people in Illinois belong to a church and go to mass on a regular basis. It brings them peace in their life. The environment is calm and soothing. It helps them get through the hardships of life. Unfortunately, an incident caused that all to be ruined.

According to patch.com,

Major Disruption At Illinois Church

This event in question happened at Visitation Catholic Church in Elmhurst. A man walked in and wandered towards the donation basket. He took out $20. When called out about it, he denied taking the cash. Later, surveillance footage proved he did steal money.

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The suspect was asked to leave but refused. He insisted on using the restroom before he left. He claimed a priest gave him permission to use it. The man was told it was for parishioners only. That's when things got ugly. This guy started threatening, yelling, and swearing at the people attending mass. Then, he got into a ready position and tried to fight anyone and everyone.

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A woman called the police and the suspect got really upset. He threatened her directly. He went off on an older gentleman that wasn't even involved in the incident. The poor guy had to be taken to the hospital because the whole event caused him to have a heart attack. Luckily, he's okay.

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He escaped before the police arrived but they were able to track him down later that day. By the way, the suspect told everyone he was homeless but he was arrested at his apartment. This guy is definitely going to experience some bad karma for what he's done.

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