Illinois is getting serious about keeping outdoor dining going through the winter months and one mayor is paying someone $5000 for the best idea.

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Chicago mayor, Lori Lightfoot has announced a design competition for ways to keep outdoor dining going during frigid midwest winter months.

Here's what the mayor said during a Chicago Sun Times interview:

“We are asking our community members to come together and think creatively about how we can make outdoor dining feasible in the winter,” Lightfoot said.

According to the CST article, the city has partnered with the Illinois Restaurant Association a Chicago bank and design firm who are offering $5000 for the best outdoor dining idea. 

If you have ideas, here's how you can enter the Winter Design Challenge, but act fast; you only have through Sept. 7 to submit. Winners will be announced mid-September.

Although I want you to win the five grand, I'd also like you to share the ideas for all of us in the Quad Cities. Let's keep the outdoor dining trend alive all year round.

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