State pride is something a lot of us have for the great states we live in, and today Illinois can feel some real state pride as they visit one of the best bars in America. According to food and, Illinois has a bar that ranks in the top ten for the entire United States.

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No surprise here, but almost every bar on this list is located in a big city, and they sure do like beautiful.

The Best Illinois Bar 

Another obvious fact in this report is that this bar is located in Chicago. Yep, that's right. A surprise to no one, but coming in as the 10th-best bar in America is... The Violet Hour In Chicago, Illinois. The site goes on to state,

To enter this James Beard Award-winning temple of tipples, you must famously pass through a curtain. It’s only fitting considering that they’re putting on a show. The Violet Hour bills itself as a destination for “artisanal cocktails in the heart of Wicker Park.” Indeed, they’ve been delivering on that promise since 2007. But it’s also a great place to come quench a thirst for knowledge. The attentive staff here isn’t just happy to walk you through the history of hooch, they’re eager to share that expertise. And they’re satisfied in knowing that whatever direction they point you to (drinks are broken down by Shaken or Stirred), you’ll come away with something as distinctive as it is delicious. The bar opens daily at 5 p.m., and just like for any respectable performance, reservations are recommended.

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You can learn more about The Violet Hour on their website if you are feeling fancy.

The Violet Hour serves artisanal cocktails in the heart of Wicker Park. Rooted in pre-prohibition style libations, the James Beard Award-winning bar program features a seasonally rotating cocktail list, as well as an extensive selection of approachable and sought-after spirits.

An iconic destination for cocktail enthusiasts, The Violet Hour’s exterior facade features an ever-changing mural with a discrete single entryway while the three interior salons glow under clusters of candlelit tables and a sprawling marble bar.

The Other Best Bars In America

Here are the top three bars on the list.

  1. The Fox: Nashville, Tennessee
  2. Chez Zou: New York, New York
  3. Chandelier Bar: New Orleans, Louisiana

I'd love to see these spots someday, but I don't think I could ever afford them.

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