One Illinois school district outside of Chicago has come up with a great idea to make schools safer. At least if you believe in the premise that good men and women with guns in a school building make it safer.

A school district in Palatine, Illinois wants to hire retired law enforcement officers to work in the school. They'd work in a clerical environment doing tasks like filing, answering phones and collecting lunch money. They'd also be armed and be able to respond to a shooting or other situation. This according to an article from KWQC.

I certainly like this idea more than arming teachers. I think that idea works until a student gets a hold of a teacher's weapon and uses it against him or her. Or, a teacher is pushed to the brink by a student and points the gun at a kid, or worse yet uses it. I get it. It sounds a little far fetched. However, I think that's a very real risk.

Hand guns are part of the tools of a law enforcement professional. Having professionals armed makes me feel way more comfortable than a teacher who may not have the same experience handling a weapon. I also think retired police officers in schools might actually be able to connect with students and have an impact in some students lives that teachers may not.

What do you think of this idea? Post your thoughts in the comments.

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