This is an interesting concept that is only in the planning stages as of right now. Illinois wants to build a bison bridge on I-80 meant for traffic and wildlife.

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WQAD News 8 dropped this video and brief explanation on their YouTube channel:

Illinois lawmakers adopted a resolution to incorporate plans for proposal into phase one of the new I-80 bridge project.

I didn't realize there were this many bison in that part of Illinois. Go figure.

There is an official website for this project which has been presented by an environmental group. They say it's "a land bridge, consisting of a wildlife and recreational crossing connecting the Illinois and Iowa riverfronts on the Mississippi River". They are asking individuals to "join the herd" by supporting the cause online.

The concept of wildlife crossings is not new. Statistics show that it can greatly reduce animal/vehicle collisions by a large margin when constructed in the right areas. As the report mentioned, this bison bridge is still very much in the planning stages, but the fact that it is being recognized by the Illinois House means it does have some (bison) traction.

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