Today the state of Illinois revised its guidelines for restaurants and bars in regards to patrons wearing masks.

According to the release:

Based on a recent increase in cases, these latest guidelines will require patrons to wear a mask during any interaction with wait staff, food service workers and other employees at bars and restaurants. Face coverings must be worn over the nose and mouth when patrons are approached and served by staff, including but not limited to when employees take patrons orders, deliver food and beverages, and service tables. This guidance will also apply to other facilities with food services areas that are currently subject to the Restore Illinois guidance, such as indoor recreational facilities, museums and entertainment venues.

The guidelines go into effect August 26th and will require masks be worn at both indoor and outdoor dining.

This of course will lead to the awkward interaction when the server comes over right when you put that big bite of food in your mouth.  However, Governor JB Pritzker says this is needed due to a rise in cases.

"Illinois residents continue to take important steps to protect the safety of our loved ones and neighbors. However, due to a recent uptick in cases, we must take additional precautionary steps when we are out in public," said Governor JB Pritzker. "Based on conversations and input from industry and business leaders, the State of Illinois is implementing updated guidelines which will allow restaurants and bars across the state to stay open while helping protect the health and safety of patrons and staff."

You can read the full release from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity right here.

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