A small town in Illinois will soon have a claim to the "World's Largest Monopoly Board" and it makes sense because the game's inventor was born there!

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According to our friends at KHQA, the town of Macomb, Illinois will soon be home to the world's largest monopoly board. In their article they say...

"The Macomb Area Visitors and Convention Bureau (MACVB) is adding some fun to the Macomb’s Historic Downtown Square. They are installing the world’s largest Monopoly board surrounding the McDonough County Courthouse in a move to boost tourism. The $40,000 project will be covered by an Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) grant and is part of a $22.5 million investment for nearly 90 tourism festivals and attractions in Illinois."

Now if this story seems familiar to you, there is good reason! Back in June 2021, I found out that the creator of Monopoly, which was originally called The Landlord's Game, was from Macomb. I wrote an article about that on this website, to read that full article click here!

In that article I wrote back on June, 21st, 2021 I said...

"What I want to talk about is how Macomb needs to rebrand itself from just the town where Western Illinois University is to "Macomb: Birthplace of Monopoly" think of all the cool things Macomb could do! They could convert their town square to be the worlds largest Monopoly Board, they could host giant Monopoly games and tournaments, make t shirts, hats, and other cool collectible items!"

I mean... I CALLED IT!

I am not looking for credit for this idea by any means, I am just truly excited that Macomb has decided to do this. Macomb is a fine little town with a bunch of good people and it doesn't deserve to fall off the map, and if this can help keep Macomb alive and thrive then that is all that matters, but I did call it, right?

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