Today is Inauguration Day in America, and Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th president of the United States of America. Here's your guide to taking it all in:

Most of Congress and the Supreme Court will be in attendance, outgoing President Donald Trump will not. Outgoing Vice President Mike Pence will be there, along with former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton along with their wives. America's oldest living president, 96-year-old Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn will not be there, but send their best wishes.

When do things get going?

The event is scheduled to start at 11 AM ET/10 AM CT, with the actual swearing in of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris estimated to take place sometime just before 12 PM ET/11 AM CT.

Where to watch?

The day's events will be carried on all major networks like CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC.

You can watch right here today in the below livestream:


COVID-19 and Security

This inauguration will look much different than ceremonies in years past. COVID-19 had changed most things for today, but following the U.S. Capitol riot and lingering security concerns, now almost everything will be different. In a typical year nearly 200,000 tickets would be issued. This year less than 1,000 will be handed out.

Nearly 25,000 National Guard troops from all 50 states have been called up to keep the event secure, along with other federal agencies and local law enforcement groups. The National Mall and several streets for blocks around the Capitol have been shut down.

Will There Be an Inauguration Parade?

No, and yes. Due to the pandemic and increased security concerns there will not be a parade in the traditional sense. However, you can watch the 'Virtual Parade Across America' on all the major networks following the inauguration ceremony.

'Celebrating America' will be a star-studded event to wrap up the day starting at 8:30 PM ET/7:30 PM CT, hosted by Tom Hanks and Eva Longoria. Performers will include Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters, John Legend, Jon Bon Jovi, Justin Timberlake, Demi Lovato, Ant Clemons, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard. The special can be seen on ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and MSNBC and streamed live on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch.

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