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Enough people! Stop feeding the ducks and geese at Vander Veer Park in Davenport so we can all go skating and do something fun this winter!

Alright, I apologize for getting a little heated there. But Davenport officials are honestly asking a lot nicer than I am for you to PLEASE stop feeding the birds at Vander Veer Park. 

We are halfway through January and you would think that most of the birds have migrated south for the winter. Apparently not all of them have and it's the fault of those who keep feeding the birds in Vander Veer Park. 


The first warning about not feeding the ducks at Vander Veer came from the Davenport Parks and Recreation Department back on January 8. In a nice, calm Facebook post, officials said,

"It's that time of year again for our webbed-footed snowbirds to head south from Vander Veer. Help them get beach bod ready -- please no more feeding the ducks and geese!"

Even though they asked nicely, some people still couldn't resist the urge to continue to feed the ducks and other birds. Enter a plea from officials from the city of Davenport on social media.

In the social media post from the official City of Davenport Facebook page on January 16, they say also ask residents to not feed the birds. They continue their post by saying,

"The birds are not motivated to migrate when food is plentiful. The birds are working hard and keeping a significant portion of the lagoon free of ice which means no winter outdoor skating."

If you want to skate on the Vander Veer Lagoon this winter, stop feeding the birds and if you know anyone who is contributing to this issue, tell them to stop.

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