I have never seen the frenzy for concert tickets that I saw for Paul McCartney's show next June 11th at the TaxSlayer Center. It seems everyone was talking about, and angling for tickets to this once in a lifetime event.

But, despite the best attempts of some of the savviest ticket buyers trying to get in early on pre-sales, the deck was already stacked against them.

A CBC-TV/Toronto Star report published this week revealed that Ticketmaster recruited scalpers and provided them access to a specific website to resell tickets. These scalpers use the Ticketmaster-provided website to post tickets for resale at marked up prices. Ticketmaster takes a percentage on each transaction - a fee on the same ticket twice.

Undercover reporters infiltrated the scam as resellers and verified the scheme.

Ticketmaster refused to comment for the CBC/Star story, but the existence of the racket would sure explain why many shows sellout so fast, and why tickets are so hard to come by.

The revelation won't get those who hoped to score McCartney tickets closer to a seat in the TaxSlayer Center next June, but maybe it will force some intervention from outside authorities to stop this sleazy practice.

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