I live in Iowa and it feels like life has slowed down for me. On the other hand, productivity seems pretty high in my circle; at least where production is allowed. So which is it?

According to a new study from WalletHub, people in Iowa aren't letting the coronavirus pandemic slow down their daily lives too much as of yet. The Hawkeye State is the 5th "Least Slowed-Down" state in this study.

The report broke things down by various factors, including "Grocery & Pharmacy Mobility Changes" (a category where Iowa is the least slowed down in America), "Retail & Recreational Mobility Changes" (23rd), "Workplace Mobility Changes" (48th) "Residential Mobility Changes" (30th),  "Parks Mobility Changes" (40th) and "Transit Stations Mobility Changes" ( 45th).

A lower ranking means less change to the frequency of visiting places in those categories, putting Iowa at #46 overall. Note that with a couple of exceptions, some of these categories represent more "essential" places than others.

How did our Midwest neighbors do?

  • #22: Illinois
  • #24: South Dakota
  • #25: North Dakota
  • #28: Minnesota
  • #34: Wisconsin
  • #35: Missouri
  • #49: Kansas
  • #50: Nebraska

If you are wondering where the most slowed-down states are, you won't be surprised. The 5 most slowed-down states are Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, and Nevada. They are all places with higher populations, near the hotspots on the east coast with more COVID-19 cases and who are more affected economically by shutdowns or lack of travel.

Source: WalletHub

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