From aliens to Bigfoot, and every mythical sighting in between, America has seen it all. We love our creature sightings. It has gotten to a point where each state now has the numbers behind these sightings where we can see which creature has been spotted the most in each state, and where the sightings started.

According to Brilliant maps, Iowa and Illinois have seen a large number of less popular mythical creatures, but they are still frightening.

Other States Sightings

It's safe to say the big names are Bigfoot, and the many other names it goes by, the Jersey Devil, Mothman, and Wendigo. Here are all the state's most famous creatures:

  • Alabama – White Thang
  • Alaska – Tizheruk
  • Arizona – Mogollon Monster
  • Arkansas – Fouke Monster
  • California – Tahoe Tessie
  • Colorado – Slide-Rock Bolter
  • Connecticut – Melon Heads
  • Delaware – Zwaanendael Merman
  • Florida – Skunk Ape
  • Georgia – Altamaha-ha
  • Hawaii – Menehune
  • Idaho – Sharlie
  • Indiana – Beast of Busco
  • Kansas – Sink Hole Sam
  • Kentucky – The Kelly Little Green Men
  • Louisiana – Rougarou
  • Maine – Specter Moose
  • Maryland – Chessie
  • Massachusetts – Dover Demon
  • Michigan – The Michigan Dogman
  • Minnesota – Wendigo
  • Mississippi – Pascagoula River Aliens
  • Missouri – Momo
  • Montana – Shunka Warak’in
  • Nebraska – Alkali Lake Monster
  • Nevada – Tahoe Tessie
  • New Hampshire – Wood Devils
  • New Jersey – Jersey Devil
  • New Mexico – Teratorns
  • New York – Champ/Champy
  • North Carolina – The Beast of Bladenboro
  • North Dakota – Thunderbird
  • Ohio – Loveland Frogmen
  • Oklahoma – Oklahoma Octopus
  • Oregon – Colossal Claude
  • Pennsylvania – The Squonk
  • Rhode Island – Vampire Mercy Brown
  • South Carolina – Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp
  • South Dakota – Taku-He
  • Tennessee – Tennessee Wildman
  • Texas – Chupacabra
  • Utah – Bear Lake Monster
  • Vermont – Northfield Pigman
  • Virginia – Snallygaster
  • Washington – Bigfoot
  • West Virginia – Mothman
  • Wisconsin – The Beast of Bray Road
  • Wyoming – Jackalope

I haven't heard of half of those, but Iowa and Illinois' aren't much better when it comes to popularity.

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Iowa's Monster

Apparently, the Van Meter Monster is our claim to fame. If you're like me and have no idea what that is, don't worry... The experts at cryptid Wiki do.

According to legend, this creature was named after where it was first sighted which was in  Van Meter in Iowa over 100 years ago.

Descriptions of the beast suggested that it had large bat-like wings, left a terrible stench wherever it went, and, even stranger, it fired beams of bright light from its forehead.


Illinois' Monster

This one has a creepy name at least, The Enfield Horror. This one is actually pretty well known to many. It has even had shows, and movies based on it. Again the experts at cryptid Wiki helped me learn more.

This thing is actually creepy too. It all started on April 25, 1973, when a young boy claimed he was attacked by a creature while playing in his backyard.

Alien, demon or genetic mutation — the “Enfield Horror” (encountered in Enfield, Illinois) is one of the absolute strangest creatures ever to be chronicled in cryptozoological lore.

What's crazy is that the boy's neighbors had their own face-to-face encounter with the creature! People shot the creature and many saw it too, but it wouldn't die. It became famous for its looks and many sightings.

Have you heard of these creatures before? Let us know.

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