Iowa is known around the world for many fantastic things big and small. For instance, we feed the world, we're the world's largest corn and hog producers. We're also the birthplace of many entertainment and sports stars. That being said, we're kind of weird.

I'm not saying that's necessarily a bad thing. We like to create giant "butter cow" sculptures at the state fair, and some of our towns are known for, let's say, eccentric things, like a giant frying pan, rocking chair, mallard duck, and a wine bottle. However, I bet you didn't know, we're the home to some of the world's largest most oddball collection of fun destinations worthy of at least a few "selfies" and family photos.

So load up the family, jump in your car and go visit some of these places. It's a perfect idea for a social-distancing friendly "summer of 2020" vacation, or just come along for a ride with me virtually. (Keep scrolling down)

Iowa Is Home To These World's Largest Things

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