A man in Northwest Iowa is lucky to be alive after accidentally jumping his car Smokey and the Bandit style.


Authorities say the vehicle was travelling through a 35mph zone at an estimated 115mph, missed a curve, and sailed 125 feet through the roof of a house.

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One of the neighbors of the home said he didn't see what happened, but came outside to emergency lights.

Ace Towing Inc.

“I just seen someone in the ditch using a flashlight; kind of searching around and I said ‘well there must have been an accident over here someplace,’ but I didn’t see a car,” Canfield said.

It was then he realized he wasn't looking in the right place.

“All you seen was the back bumper and the tail lights, so he was quite a ways into the house,” Canfield said.

Ace Towing Inc.

The driver of the vehicle was identified as 25-year-old Irrael Hildago from Sioux Falls. The extent of injuries hasn't released, but charges are pending.

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