Cali Wilson, a 28 year old native of Salem, Iowa, wowed the judges on Monday night’s episode of 'The Voice.'

Participating in the blind auditions on the NBC singing competition, her beautiful voice and cadence caught the attention (and ears) of judges Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and John Legend. All three turned their chairs around as she sang the Fleetwood Mac hit 'Dreams'.

Kelly Clarkson was the only of the four not to turn.

Wilson, who now lives in Nashville, did not even try to hide her smile when Shelton and Legend hit their buttons simultaneously to turn their chairs to see who was singing. Stefani hit her button next.

Legend called her tone 'super gorgeous,' and added that she has 'so much control, and you just sounded so pure and beautiful down there on those low notes, so congratulations. You’re going to be on ‘The Voice,’ and that’s incredible.' Stefani said she was 'getting lost' in Wilson’s sound.

Shelton was surprised to hear Wilson was from Salem, calling the town in Henry County 'a dot on the map,' noting that he’s been there three or four times.

'I want to celebrate Salem, because that’s crazy,' Shelton said, trying to hush the heckling from the other coaches who didn’t believe he’d been there. Wilson corroborated his story, saying she saw him at a gas station there.

'You grew up there? The only time I expect to run into people from Salem is when I’m in Salem, Iowa.' Shelton said. Salem is south of Mount Pleasant, Iowa.

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