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Assorted Cookies Close-up
Jaimie Duplass

Cookies are just the best anytime of year. Sure, we think about Christmas cookies around this time of year, but cookies are amazing. They cure sadness, spread joy, and really upset dentists. But where is the best place to get cookies in Iowa? We have that answer for you.

It's hard to make cookies because eating the cookie dough is just so much better. Cookies are great too and the sweet treat always in a great way to cure any blues or sadness you have.

I always think of pizza and cookies kind of like the same thing too (stay with me for a moment). When someone asks you to "describe your favorite pizza" you know what toppings and crust type you want. When someone asks you to "describe your favorite cookie" you have an answer ready to go.

For me, a gooey chocolate cookie with chocolate chips, fudge drizzled on top, the center undercooked, and even a slightly melted piece of fudge in the center. Yes, I like chocolate leave me alone.

While making cookies are fun, there are bakeries and cookie shops that do it just so much better. Travel Iowa came up with their top 10 list of the best cookie places in Iowa. There is only one Quad City cookie shop on this list, and I'm not sure why it's not number one.

I have to give one honorable mention before we get to this list. Homer's Deli & Sweetheart Bakery in Clinton makes some dope cookies and baked goods. Check them out the next time you're in Clinton.

Here are the top 10 cookie places in Iowa.

1. Cookies, Etc.

Ames & Clear Lake

2. Cookies & More

Iowa City

3. Jaarsma Bakery


4. The Sugar Shack Bakery

Sioux City

5. Thelma's Treats

Des Moines

6. Ivy Bake Shoppe

West Burlington

7. Cookies & Dreams


8. Mixing Bowl


9. Central Perk Coffee House


10. Eileen's Colossal Cookies

Council Bluffs

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