When you got to Kwik Star, Kwik Trip, Casey's, Shell, or wherever, there is always signs that say you should NOT leave the pump while pumping gas into your car. If you're in a rush or running behind, it's very tempting to go inside to get a drink and/or something to eat. If you decide to run inside quick while your car is fueling and no one is there to watch the pump, could you get in legal trouble? Technically, no.

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You've seen these warnings and policy signs virtually on every gas pump at every gas station in the Quad Cities:

  • Do not leave the pump unattended
  • Do not use your cell phone while fueling
  • Do not smoke while fueling or near gas pump
  • Place gas container on ground while fueling
  • Turn your vehicle off while fueling

While these all seem like pretty obvious things to abide by, some people still have a hard time following these rules. I've seen people run inside to get a few things and just let their car fill up while no one is watching it. Even though that is a terrible idea, it's not against the law in the QC.

I've been searching the web the last couple of weeks trying to find if Iowa or Illinois have any laws when it comes to leaving the pump unattended. After much research, I couldn't find any law that specifically says it is illegal to leave the pump while filling up.

Should it be illegal to leave it unattended? Probably. But it's probably not because enough people have common sense to stay near their vehicle while they are pumping gas.

If you disobey the gas station's policy about leaving your pump unattended, that gas station could technically ask you to never come back to their location or any other station in the company. I've never heard of a gas station company doing that, but it's definitely not impossible.

Even though it's not against the law to leave the pump unattended, use common sense and stay by your vehicle while fueling. Follow the station's policies and keep everyone safe.

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