I've seen a lot of wacky things happen in the Quad Cities, and although this should not surprise me, it's a new one to add to the list.

An anonymous video taker sent in this footage of a man driving through the streets of Davenport pulling a bucket behind him.

"I saw this douche bag on Division between Kimberly and Central Park. I see all kinds of stupid stuff daily."


Video below:

In the video, a shirtless man is seen driving the tiniest motorized bike. He is pulling a plastic bucket tied to the back of the bike with a rope. The bucket is full of what looks to be scrap.

This man looks like he belongs in the circus, driving around a little clown car while also looking like a clown. Can we roast his outfit really quick? Blood red pants, Timberland boots, a backward cap, and no shirt. Sounds like a Davenport crazy to me!


I wonder how the bottom of the bucket looked once he got to his destination.

In the video, you can hear the GPS say, "In a quarter mile turn right onto West Central Park Avenue. The man was driving on Division Street between Kimberly and Central Park on the West end of Davenport.

I don't know where this man was going or what he was intending to do with all that junk in the box, but I hope it all worked out for him. I also hope that he found a shirt.

Stay classy Davenport.

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