Back in July, there were countless Bigfoot sightings. We had one spotted in New Hampton Iowa, and another in a lake in Michigan! Bigfoot sightings were on the rise and in the middle of it, I had gotten a message from a hiker with an exclusive photo of his that he claimed was Bigfoot.

I decided to write the story because the guy seemed nice and genuine. The story then blew up! Everyone was writing about this Bigfoot in Iowa!

Personally, I still believe this photo is one of two things.

  1. Just a guy walking
  2. A shadow

But to be honest, I love how much people support the idea of these being a real Bigfoot, and I'm here for it! Let's see what you think! This all happened in Bernard, Iowa at White Water Canyon in July of 2021. Though the photo wasn't taken in July, the photographer, Jermy didn't share it with me until July.

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The Photo

More photos are below after our new interview with the photographer


Who Took This Photo?

Jeremy was the man behind the photo. He swore he saw it moving so it wasn't a shadow and claimed he called out to it as well with no response meaning it probably wasn't a person because we all know anyone in the Midwest would stop to say hi. Jeremy went on to say,

I was doing a morning walk at White Water Canyon with my sister, who lives up in Dubuque. I pointed out the figure and my sister laughed saying it was a person. We called out to it but got no response.

Jeremy also admitted that he was never a big believer in Bigfoot and didn't release his last name because he knows this sounds crazy.

You don't have to believe me. I wouldn't believe me, but now that I've seen whatever that was first hand... I think I may be a Bigfoot believer now.

Checking Back In With Jeremy 

For this story, I checked back in with Jermey and he had this to say,

I've talked with friends who believe, and those who don't believe. I do think it was something supernatural, and I think it's neat that people talked about it. I've walked that trail a lot since then, and haven't seen anything new tho.


More Photos


What do you think?

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