When you're looking for something fun to do with your family in Illinois, I highly suggest checking out one of the state parks because they're incredible.

The Top 10 State Parks In Illinois

Most residents in Illinois are working really hard all week long. It's hard to find spare time Monday through Friday. Hopefully, on the weekends those same people are finding some me time along with hanging out with family.

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Spending time with family is very important. I'm not talking about everyone sitting in front of the television. Or even one of my favorite situations. The whole group is in the same room but they have their noses on the phone screen on the internet.

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Actual quality time is needed between family members. That means getting off the phones, leaving the house, and interacting with one another. Yeah, I know. It sounds easier than it is.

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We have a resource in Illinois that not enough residents take advantage of. That's our state parks. We have so many amazing ones here in the Land of Lincoln. They are all over so there's no excuse that they are too far away.

Getting into the outdoors is so healthy for everyone. The best part is it is affordable family fun. The cost is very minimal. Plus, you can bring your food and beverages. The next time you're looking for something to do, I highly suggest checking one out. Here are the top 10 Illinois state parks.

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Starved Rock State Park

Matthiessen State Park

Giant City State Park

Pere Marquette's State Park

Ferne Clyffe State Park

Moraine Hills State Park

Rock Cut State Park

Mississippi Palisades State Park

Buffalo Rock State Park

Chain O'Lakes State Park

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