Tornados roared through Iowa late last week. Unfortunately, our neighbors in Western Iowa bore the brunt of these unpredictable storms.

According to reports, EF-2 tornadoes touched down in parts of the Hawkeye State on Friday, April 26th.

One person has died due to a deadly tornado in a little town in western Iowa called Minden.

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Tornado Strikes Minden, Iowa

According to reports, approximately 40% of the homes in Minden were destroyed in this 600-person town after a large tornado swept through. It struck the tiny town sometime Friday afternoon.

Three people from Pottawattamie County were injured from the storms. Officials confirmed that they were treated and have been released.

Some additional individuals were injured over the weekend during the clean-up process, according to reports. Luckily, they were just minor injuries.

One of them was a first responder.

However, there was one death that was caused by this storm.

Reports have not given up too many details about the deceased.

What is known is that this was a male resident of Minden and he was taken to a local hospital on April 26th. He was then transported to a facility in Omaha, Nebraska. Unfortunately, the man passed away on Saturday, April 27th.

His name has not been released to the public.

Minden House Sild Off of its Foundation

People have been sharing videos and stories of their experiences during this storm system. We've seen the absolute devastation this tornado has wrought on the small Iowa town.

Now, the town is trying to clean up and rebuild.

One particular video exemplifies the magnitude of this tornado.

I was scrolling through TIk Tok when I came across a video from Iowa Chill. The video features a woman showing the damage done to a house.

She says in the short clip that the house is gone, and most people would assume that she means that the home was flattened or destroyed.


The home was just in a different place.

This house completely slid off its foundation and moved over just a few yards.

Check out the video down below!

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