It looks like Tom Brady will be under center one week from tonight when the Patriots take on the Steelers to kick off the NFL regular season.

Earlier today, Judge Richard Berman of Manhattan announced his decision to overturn Brady's 4-game suspension.

This comes after the NFL and Players Union failed to reach a compromise, forcing Judge Berman to rule one way or another.

All of this stems from "Deflategate", the controversy surrounding under-inflated footballs on the Patriots sideline during January's AFC Championship game.

An investigation declared Brady was at fault for the deflated footballs and the NFL suspended him for 4 games.

Brady and the NFLPA argued he was punished without sufficient evidence to prove he was the one responsible, and this is when the legal process began.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has since announced he plans on appealing the ruling, but Brady will be able to play during the appeals process.