Our pet of the week is Harlow. She is a beautiful black and white cat that was found by animal control while running around with a Dorito bag stuck on her head. They then took her to the Humane Society of Scott County.

She's one to two years old. She's curious and likes to be cuddled and petted. She doesn't like to be carried, so she'll need a carrier for those vet trips. She'd be great for any family as long as children are old enough to understand she's a cat that doesn't like to be carried.

Her adoption fee is $20 that includes her personal surgery and all her shots! She's available for adoption now.

A note about pet adoptions around the holidays:

You've heard us talk about how the holidays can be a great time to adopt a pet. They are if you're fully aware of the commitment you and your family are making by adopting the dog, cat, rabbit or animal. You shouldn't surprise your family by just showing up with an animal and giving it to them without realizing that pet ownership is a commitment. That's when adoptions go bad and the pet winds up back on the street or back at the shelter.

If you're fully committed and your planning a quiet holiday at home, then it's a great time to adopt. It's always great if you and your family have time to spend with your new family member without worrying about work or school the next day. It helps everyone get acclimated and can allow for more bonding time. That said, if the entire family is coming over for Christmas, or you're planning a big New Year's Eve blowout, then maybe waiting until after the festivities is a better plan.

We'll be back with a new pet of the week on Tuesday January 8th!

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