Our pet of the week is Fergus. Fergus is a Mini Rex Rabbit available for adoption from the Humane Society of Scott County.

Fergus has super soft, plush, fur that will make you want to spend hours petting him. He's a cuddle bunny too. The one thing that makes him a little nervous is holding him, so the family that adopts him may have to work on that a little bit.

Pam says he'd be good for a family with kids ten years old and up. Fergus would also make a good pet for someone that doesn't want to have to take their pet on a long walk. Rabbit's can get their exercise hopping around your home or apartment. Beware, you'll want to bunny proof the areas of your home Fergus will be hopping around in since they like to chew. Rabbits eat rabbit food, vegetables and fruits.

You can adopt Fergus for $50 from the Humane Society of Scott County. His adoption fees include his personal surgery and all his shots.

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