My daughter made me a grandmother this week! Little Edie arrived healthy and hungry at just over 8 lbs. I am completely in love with her and so proud of my daughter who made it through natural childbirth like a champ!

I never thought I could love another human as much as my own children, but this little girl has changed my mind. My friends told me having a grandchild is a wonderful thing.  You get to spend time with them, spoil them, and then their parents take them home!

I love holding her, looking in her eyes, talking to her and watching her parents take such loving care of her. They’re pros and they’ve only been parents a few days!

Edie’s arrival has taught me some things already. Here’s what I’m learning: there are little strips on the diapers that indicate when baby needs changing. Babies sleep in little swaddling all-in-onesies that have zippers to allow baby to be swaddled and warm during diaper changes. There’s this strange contraption that allows parents to suction blocked nasal passages; much more sophisticated that the bulb type aspirator I used when my children were born.

I’m so lucky I’m able to see Edie frequently. Hours fly by while I’m holding her and I love to think about what I’ll teach her when she’s older.

We’ll swim right away! Edie’s mom swam like a little fish, so she’ll probably love the water! I’ll teach her how to play music; guitar, drums, violin. We will sing together and play with our dog. I’ll teach her to bake sugar cookies like my grandmother did with me.

I still have so much to learn. I don’t know what the baby visiting rules are yet. How often can I visit? How much is too much? One day this week my daughter lovingly suggested I visit the following day. Access denied! My heart broke a little but I remembered it’s important for this new little family to have time alone.  Instead of a visit I saw pictures of Edie’s second bath and that was enough to tie me over!

I wonder what Edie will call me. Somehow “Grandma” doesn’t fit. My friends have made suggestions like, “Tam Gram,” “Grammy Tami,” “Tam-ma,” “Gram Tam.” It really doesn’t matter to me. When I look into those eyes she can call me, “hey you” and my heart will continue to melt.  Welcome to the world, little Edie!

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