Maybe it's a coincidence it's National Puppy Day, but it's also the day after a local animal shelter found homes for all their dogs.

Yesterday, King's Harvest Animal Shelter found adoptees for all it's dogs by closing time. It's the first time they've ever been able to accomplish this.

According to KWQC and the shelter's Facebook post, the staff at the shelter worked a 7 day work week as they tried to get the dogs out before they closed their doors temporarily to keep staff safe from COVID-19.

According to Vet Tech Assistant Gabrielle Weeks, the dogs they thought might be un-adoptable, found home.

Around 40 pets were adopted this weekend, but at closing time, 18 cats were still at the shelter, in need of a home. King's Harvest Animal Shelter doesn't know how long they'll be closed, but they said they will remain open by appointment only for those who are looking to foster or adopt a cat.

That's good news we needed during this time.

Read more at KWQC

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