This is a hard story to write. The Knox County Humane Society No Kill Animal Shelter in Galesburg posted a story about a dog named "Maverick." According to the post, the dog was rescued from an Abingdon, Illinois home this week because of severe weather.

Shelter staff say they've had many complaints of a dog being tied up with a long chain to a dog house and not allowed indoors. With the low temperatures and wind chills hitting a record low, this dog could have died without someone speaking up for him.  Staff at the no kill shelter say,

"It saddens us to let this dog go back to a home where the dog has no interaction with people. Why have a dog? It is out of our control to keep this dog. We will have to hire authorities to save him from a sad life. Please help us help him and all hopeless animals  You are their only voice."

As of Friday afternoon the post had been shared over 1,500 times, has over 471 comments . The shelter is asking for donations and has raised over $650 so far.

In Illinois, it’s a crime to abuse animals in any way, including abandoning an animal where it could become injured or hungry, suffer from exposure, or end up under the charge of animal control.

As of 2019, Illinois law specifically allows law enforcement officers to take temporary custody of dogs or cats that have been left in dangerous conditions of extreme heat or cold. The officers must try to contact the owners and get emergency vet care for the animals.

In the comments section there's a post listing people to call in this case: Abingdon PD you will have to leave a message (309-462-2091) and Knox Co. Sheriff's Dept (309-343-9151). If you have witnessed or suspect animal cruelty, abuse or neglect always contact city and county authorities and the ASPCA. Hopefully we can help pets like Maverick and others.

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