Knox County Sheriff Deputies busted three men for cannabis trafficking over 5,000 grams and possession of cannabis with intent to deliver over 5,000 grams. The bust happened after K-9 Glock alerted during a free air sniff of a U-Haul truck pulling a trailer with a car on it. Officer Glock alerted to the car, which caused deputies to search and find the cannabis.

While Officer Glock is a good boy and no doubt received many traits and much praise for his find, the police dog had some help from deputies of the human kind.

Officers set up surveillance of the Amtrak station and noticed Steven Broberg exit the Amtrak Train. After waiting for a short amount of time, Broberg met with Donnie Smith and James Perkins who arrived at the Amtrak station with a U-Haul pulling a car on a trailer. Broberg placed two large suitcases in the trunk of the car. All three got into the U-Haul and pulled away.

After observing a traffic violation officers pulled the truck over, which is when K-9 Glock alerted to the drugs and gave officers a reason to search the vehicle and find the dope.

It's not surprising to me the officers had staked out the Amtrak station. While not an every day occurrence, drug smuggling on Amtrak trains has been known to happen. Occasionally police and DEA agents will even search trains and question passengers in attempts to deter or ferret out drug smuggling.

It also wouldn't take very much for a couple of officers to swing by the Amtrak station when a train pulls in and eyeball disembarking passengers to see if they notice anything that seems odd or out of place with their behavior.

Many big drug busts have happened not because of a big tip, but because something was off just enough to get the interest of a police officer. If you've ever watched Live PD, you see that to a lessor degree with traffic stops all the time.

Regardless of the story behind the bust. Congratulations to all the deputies on a job well done and thank you for your service. You can check out the Knox County Sheriff's Office Facebook page here for more on the bust.



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