I've seem some political stalemates in my day, but what's going on now in Illinois is a dumpster fire of epic proportions.

Tonight will be the last chance Illinoisans have to play the Mega Millions lottery. Once the numbers are drawn around 10pm, Mega Millions will go the way of the Dodo in the Land of Lincoln, as Powerball did earlier this week.

Both games are a victim of the state's budget stalemate. According to the Chicago Tribune, "unless and until lawmakers and the governor cut a deal to at least let the lottery pay out prizes for those games from cash it collects," Powerball and Mega Millions are done in Illinois.

But, here's the rub -- both lotteries raise close to $90 million a year in profits for the state, so this stalemate will only compound the budget situation.

The lack of legislation allowing the Illinois Lottery to pay out also means anyone winning more than $25,000 will have to wait for state leaders to authorize payouts. Smaller prizes will still be paid immediately.

So, grab that lotto ticket in Iowa. At least you know you'll get paid, like this lady, and this guy.

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