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Christmas is almost here, Friday to be exact, and if you need some last minute Christmas presents, this may help you. My wife Ellie came up with this idea for some of our family members, and I absolutely loved it!

The bonus part? It also helps support local businesses who have really been struggling in the year of 2020.

My wife Ellie came up with a great idea when it comes to purchasing gifts for a few of our family members. She suggested that we purchase a gift card and a shirt or sweatshirt at some of our favorite local bars and restaurants.

Her point was that it helped support local businesses in the QCA, but in my head, it sounded like a good chance to bar hop in 2020!

Actually, I was really excited to go to bars and restaurants to give them some business in the year of 2020. I promise you that any business in the QC would love if you bought merch and/or gift cards from them right now. Local businesses everywhere have been struggling this year and buying gifts that shows support or that brings new people into their establishment I'm sure would be much appreciated.

And if you get to have some adult beverages while Christmas shopping, that's not too shabby!

We got a piece of clothing and a gift card at each bar or restaurant we went to. When things start to get better, and they will, we hope our family comes to the QC to check out some of our favorite places.

We purchased items and gift cards at The Ridge, The Lucky Frog, Pints, Grumpy's, and Purgatory's Pub. If you have never been to the places before, do yourself a favor and go check them out.

Finally, don't forget this important piece of information.... PLEASE SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES THIS HOLIDAY SEASON!

Last Minute Christmas Gifts to Support QC Bars and Restaurants

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