The LeClaire Fire Department announced they've broken ground on the site of the 9/11 Memorial.

The site will be the permanent home of the World Trade Center relic which is rust-covered chunk of an I-beam recovered from the World Trade Center in New York City.
LeClaire Fire Department
World Trade Center I-Beam/LeClaire Fire Department/Facebook photo
 On May 20, 2011 the LeClaire Fire Department was given an I-beam from the World Trade Center attacks. They display it in their museum in the fire station at 201 North 15th Street, LeClaire which is where the memorial site will be; right next to the fire department.
LeClaire Fire Department
LeClaire Fire Department 9/11 Memorial Site/Facebook photo
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 Their department is the only department in Scott County that has this piece of history. Everyone is welcome at any time to go to the station and view it from their large display window day or night but now you can drive by the department to see where the permanent memorial will be on display.

 You'll no doubt be seeing a lot of work on this site over the next few months. The fire department could use our help funding the project. If you'd like to donate to the 9/11 Memorial fund, you can do that here: All donations to this fund go toward construction costs at the site.

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