This year is the 106 anniversary of Iowa's worst unsolved mass murder. It's a murder that won't ever be solved either. That hasn't kept people from speculating about who did it since June 10, 1912. Next Tuesday October 9, the Bettendorf Library is screening a short film from that deals with the murders called "Axman".

I'm talking about the Villisca Axe Murders. Sometime between midnight on Sunday June 9 and Monday June 10, 1912. A person or persons broke into a modest house in Villisca and murdered six children and two adults. After ten years of investigations, grand jury hearings, a slander suit, a murder trail and lots of other associated litigation and trials, no one was convicted of the murder. You can dig into more of the details on the crime at

Bettendorf Library's Community Connections will screen the short film "Axman" by Emmy-nominated documentary filmmakers Kelly and Tammy Rundle; and host a presentation by them along with noted expert on the murders Dr. Edgar Epperly on Tuesday October 9.

The screening and presentation will take place between 1:30PM - 2:30PM CT in the Bettendorf Room. Registration is not required for the event. Community Connections is supported by the Friends of the Bettendorf Library. To learn more about Kelly and Tammy Rundle, Dr. Epperly, and "Axman" you can check this article out from the Dispatch-Argus.


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