Ever wondered if the "designer" purse you bought is the real deal? Then you can probably relate to this story.

Local News 4 reports that QC college student Jean Clark recently purchased several Gucci items from Selective Seconds from Moline. Clark now believes the merchandise is counterfeit.

While Clark's purses and sunglasses look nearly identical to actual Gucci products, it appears there are some small differences, including slightly different serial numbers.

The owner of Selective Seconds insists that she never presented the items as being actual Gucci merchandise and calls them "Gucci-inspired." However, Clark maintains that she had no idea they were fakes.

Clark is now hoping for a refund from the store, but the owner has only offered store credit thus far.

This isn't the first time Selective Seconds has been accused of selling designer dupes. The store has received several negative Google reviews alleging that counterfeit items are being sold there.

The Better Business Bureau says if you suspect a designer item you're purchasing may be fake, ask for confirmation of its authenticity in writing.

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