As the Delta variant continues to spread we're going to see more and more places asking for proof of vaccinations. Codfish Hollow, a popular event space in Maquoketa, Iowa is now requiring concert attendees to provide proof you received your COVID-19 vaccine if you want to go to a show at the barn.

In a Facebook post they say they 'will happily refund your concert ticket fee for upcoming shows if you choose not to get vaccinated.

You can imagine, social media users have plenty to say about their decision. From the praise like this comment,

Tanya Bacharach EasleyThank you, Codfish Hollow Barnstormers! We had decided against risking attending any concerts this year given that too large a sample of our populace refuses to do the responsible thing. I feel MUCH more comfortable attending a venue that requires proof of vaccination. ❤ the very upset.

Amanda WilliamsTo all those that are posting your support for this establishment
Segregating society based on personal medical decisions it’s undoubtably the most ANTI American move I’ve witness in my lifetime.
And the ones who chant support for “my body my choice” but will happily endorse businesses that ban fellow citizens based on their vaccine check mark, exemplifies hypocrisy at its grossest.
I’ll be sure to tell my freedom loving friends and family to never support this establishment again 🖕🏼

There are even people who see this decision as an opportunity to grab some tickets to sold out shows.

Brian Brandsmeier Anyone have two tickets for two vaccinated fans of Ani?

If you've ever been to a show at Codfish Hollow, you know it's usually standing room only for fans who are pretty packed into the barn that's been turned into an event venue.

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According to Codfish Hollow's social media, here's what you need to do/bring if you want to go to a show there now.

You'll find all the rules in Codfish Hollow's 'About' section on their Facebook page. here are just a few rules pertaining to the proof-of-vaccine rule.

The venue also notes if circumstances change, they'll update everyone on their page as well. Here are their rules.

COVID-19 Protocols
In accordance with recommendations by the CDC and thoughtful consideration by the Codfish Hollow team, we will require proof of full vaccination in order to attend any Codfish Hollow shows during the 2021 season. We will continue to monitor the circumstances and adjust as necessary. Please watch your email and check our Facebook page and web page regularly for updates.
Entry procedures:
1. Bring a printed copy, image or app that can verify your FULL vaccination status.
2. Bring an appropriate ID which will match the name on your vaccination record.
3. Bring a printed or digital copy of your ticket.
Remember how much we missed concerts during pandemic lockdown? Play by the rules or you might have to stick to watching concerts on YouTube.

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