We here at US 104.9 have teamed up with UScellular and the Humane Society of Scott County to bring you the pet of the week! We spotlight a different pet looking for a forever home every week. Today we are meeting a dog who has been looking for a family for a while now.

Another awesome thing about this event is that UScellular is donating $50 each week to the Humane Society for our pet of the week.


The Pet Of The Week

Meet our 104.9 pet of the week Quiet Sunrise.


This 30ish lb girl is shy around new people, but is full of personality when she warms up!

Quiet Sunrise got a break from the shelter and was in a temporary foster home for a little while. While she was in foster care, we learned that he is a lot more confident in a home but still likes to take her time to meet visitors. She likes some dogs, but not all, and she loves chew treats like busy bones.



If you’re looking for a pup to go on quiet walks together with and be homebodies together, this is your girl!

It's the changing of the seasons, and if you're looking to change things up with a new pet, we've got you covered here with the Humane Society of Scott County, and our pet of the week.

You can learn more and stop by and ask to meet Quiet Sunrise during our adoption hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays 12 pm-6 pm or Saturdays & Sundays 12 pm-5 pm.

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