Summer is the perfect time to adopt a dog. We here at US 104.9 have teamed up with UScellular and the Humane Society of Scott County to bring you the pet of the week! We put a spotlight on a different pet looking for a forever home every week.

Another awesome thing about this event is that UScellular is donating $50 each week to the Humane Society for our pet of the week.


The Pet Of The Week

Meet our pet of the week Harvey!

One of the sweetest dogs ou have ever seen! Harvey is about 7 years old, but don't let his age fool you. He's a spry old man who loves to run and play! He especially likes his stuffy toys and of course treats too. Harvey is a tan color with black pointed ears (that stand very tall!), black around his muzzle, and of course, some grey hairs sprinkled in too.

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Harvey was recently in a foster home and we learned that while he loves to run and play, he also loves a good nap! When he's dreaming about chasing some birds, you'll even see his tail start to wag while he's snoozing. And if you haven't seen a dog wag its tail while it's sleeping, let us tell you, it is the most adorable thing you'll see!

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Havey would do well in a lot of types of homes. He's just as good at being a couch potato as he is at playing fetch! We have learned that he gets a little too excited around small critters and cats to be able to live with them, but he does have the potential to do well with another large dog.

He loves his toys too.

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He could be the perfect dog for you. Stop by to meet Harvey during our open adoption hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays 12 PM-6 PM and Saturdays & Sundays 12 PM-5 PM.

You can see Harvey and the rest of the adoptable pets on the Humane Society website at

It's time to take home a new family member today.

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