Mother Nature is just out here canceling events in the Quad Cities with all these storms and rain. Mercado On Fifth announced that tonight's (June 25th) is canceled. Not has the weather caused the ground to become saturated, but storms over the past couple of weeks have caused damage to several tents.

In a social media post on Thursday, officials from Mercado On Fifth announced that they are canceling their weekly event in Moline.

Mercado On Fifth, located at 5th Ave and 12th St. Moline, is held every Friday in Moline from June to the second Friday in October. The weekly event an outdoor night market in where patrons can enjoy QC food trucks and free live music and entertainment while shopping from small local businesses.

Mercado On Fifth is a family-friendly event with many educational activities for kids and activities like face painting and bounce houses.

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In their post on Thursday evening, officials said,

"This decision was not made lightly. Midwest weather is so unpredictable but it is important to make a decision early in order to minimize product losses by our vendors as they prepare for Mercado."

Officials also cited that the grass is saturated from all of the rain we've had and will have. The event also saw some damage from a brief storm two weeks. As a result of the storm, 9 tents were completely damaged, according to officials.

Mercado On Fifth officials also mentioned that the storm caused financial losses to vendors and they hope to avoid the same outcome tonight by canceling this week's event.

Next week's Mercado On Fifth is still scheduled as normal. More details can be found on their website.

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