So the lucky winner of the huge Mega Millions jackpot is from South Carolina. This according to a report from That said, someone from the Quad Cities woke up a million dollars richer this morning.

The Northgate Hy-Vee store's Facebook page is reporting that one person purchased a Mega Millions ticket at their Elmore Avenue Convenience Store, which is part of Northgate Hy-Vee. The Northgate Hy-Vee Facebook post says it's the largest Mega Millions prize won in the State of Iowa.

I'll admit I have some mixed emotions. I think it's great someone won a million dollars here in the Quad Cities. It creates a justification to occasionally spend a couple of dollars on a Mega Millions or Powerball ticket. I mean any of us could win. I'm also a little jealous because I wish I had won that cash.

Of course as I sit her typing this, I realize that I haven't checked my Mega Millions ticket to see if I won anything. Just checked it, nope. Didn't win anything. The good news, I bought a Powerball ticket too. That drawing is tonight. If you did as well, one of us could wake up a millionaire tomorrow morning. It could happen, it just did for one person.

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