Breasia Terrell was 10 years old when she went missing in July, 2020. If you live in the Quad Cities you already know her name and the situation surrounding her disappearance.

Breasia went with her brother to spend the night with her brother's father, Henry Dinkins who is a registered sex offender. Breasia went missing that night and hasn't been seen since. There have been extensive searches in our area but the case remains cold.

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Dinkins is a person of interest who is in jail on unrelated charges. Breasia was last seen at a Davenport apartment complex where Henry Dinkins was staying.

According to the QC Times, Breasia's story will be featured on Investigation Discovery  "In Pursuit: The Missing."

The one hour TV show starts streaming on Discovery+ on Sunday, March 7, and will premier on Investigation Discovery on Monday, March 8.

Hopefully when more people hear about Breasia's story more information could be uncovered to help police find her and bring her home safely. The FBI is offering $10,000 for any information that helps find her.

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