There was a time in my life when Best Buy was the place I went. The place I wanted gift cards from. The place I loved wandering around. It may have been your place too. If the the Best Buy you remember fondly is the Moline location you might want to drop in today or tomorrow for one last visit before it closes.

Best Buy announced in August they would close the Moline store Saturday November 3. The good news, there's another Best Buy across the river in Davenport. Best Buy spokesperson John Vomhof told WQAD "Overall, the Davenport retail market is dominant in this region, and we believe that our Davenport store will be able to serve both sides of the river. Davenport also has a more expansive product selection, offering customers a better shopping experience."

For me Best Buy has meant different things for me at different times in my life. When I got my first new car, it's where I bought an upgraded stereo with a cassette deck. As a young adult, when I had my second car with a CD player, it's where I went to buy all my compact discs. It's also where I replaced worn out stereo components, signed up for MSN's short lived internet service and bought a lot of DVD's. More recently I've bought a couple of computers from them.

Lately I haven't gone into a Best Buy, although I've bought things from them on the web. Like our big honkin' TV. Or my compact stereo that sits in my music room. Both nice items, and boy was it easy to buy them. Click, click, done.

While the one in Moline will be missed, I'm glad there's one down the road in Davenport. Every now and then there's something I need and it seems Best Buy is where I find it. A charging cord for an old tablet. Check. An updated wireless router. Check. A soundbar for the big TV. Check. Sooner or later I'll need something now, and Best Buy will probably have it.

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