Ourquadcities.com is reporting that the Younkers in Davenport's North Park Mall will be closing. According to the report employees were told that the store would be closing in ten to twelve weeks. Ourquadcities.com says eight other Younkers in Iowa will be closing as well.

Those eight closures might not be all there is to the story. According to the Des Moines Register, Younkers' parent company Bon-Ton, Inc. filed for bankruptcy reorganization in February. They had hoped to restructure their debt or find a buyer for the company. Only two companies bid on Bon-Ton, Inc. in a bankruptcy auction, and both are liquidation companies. This would probably mean the liquidation of all of Bon-Ton, Inc. including Younkers, Carson's, Herberger's and the rest of Bon-Ton's department store brands.

Many of the Younkers stores in Iowa are slated to close in early June. If the ten to twelve weeks closing time line is to be believed, that would mean the Davenport Younker's would close more towards the end of June or early July. Younkers started as a general store in Keokuk, and the Younker Brothers in 1856.



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