This is recycling, reusing and repurposing at its finest.

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The Moline/Coal Valley Fire Department has some fire hoses that have worn out their effectiveness, so they've donated the used fires hoses to make life a little more comfortable and playful for an aging African Niabi Zoo lion

This fire hose can no longer be used by the fire department, but can be repurposed to make lion loungers and toys for the 18-year old African lioness, Savanna. Take a look at the video of Savanna and the Coal Valley Fire Department who put it all together.

The fire hoses are durable and are often used in enclosures for big cats. They can play with a knotted hose and the material provides extra warmth during the cold winter season. Here are photos of Savanna enjoying a fire hose bed and play toy.

The Moline Fire Department was pleased to donate our used fire hose to Niabi Zoo today. This fire hose can no longer be...

Posted by Moline Fire Department on Tuesday, December 15, 2020

I like that even the lion gets to take part in holiday cheer. I wonder what else we can find to give the other animals at Niabi Zoo.

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