Muscatine drivers are back to tapping the breaks now that the traffic camera is back on line at U.S. 61 and University Drive. According to our partner Local 4 News residents aren't happy about it either. Muscatine resident Kirsten Sievert says:

They cause a lot of accidents when they turn on because I know, for from personal experience but like from friends experiences that people like see the yellow light and they'll slam on the brakes, and then people get rear-ended."

The camera was turned off after the Iowa Department of Transportation tried to have the camera removed. The City of Muscatine challenged that decision in court and won, so the camera is now back working again. The city told Local 4 News the primary reason they placed cameras there was to cut down on speeding. The city says speeding violations dropped from 13,000 in 2011 to 6,000 in 2016. Local 4 News says state records show Muscatine brought in more than a half a million of dollars from traffic cams last year.


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