We told you last weekend LeClaire's speed cameras were up, but not operating yet. That's changing. Here's your fair warning; cameras are up and go live Tuesday, Jan. 5.

If you're speeding, at least you won't get a ticket from them until March 5. Keep in mind, you also won't get a ticket if you aren't speeding.

According to a Muscatine Journal article, LeClaire Police will issue warnings starting Jan. 5, but that changes March 5. Expect tickets and fines after that.

The Journal reports LeClaire Police say their goal is to reduce speed in high risk areas of the city. They hope to reduce traffic accidents caused by excessive speed.

Signs are posted alerting drivers of the cameras. You'll find those along Interstate 80 just before the I-80 bridge and in the 2300 block of South Cody Road/U.S. 67. You can get nabbed going in either direction.

The city did not invest in the camera equipment but they will get a portion of the fines.

According to the Journal, there have been 334 crashes on I-80 and U.S. 67 near LeClaire that involved 552 vehicles, three deaths and 115 injuries.

I grew up outside of LeClaire and anyone who's traveled on highway 67 on Cody Road knows about watching speed within the city limits. We'd always tell our visiting friends to 'watch out for LeClaire police' and the weird variety of speed limits. If you're driving the speed limit, you won't have to worry about the cameras, but be aware, the city just changed some of the speed limits as you approach I-80 heading into the city.

We warned you, Quad Cities. Stay safe and mind your speed. Oh, also...welcome to LeClaire!

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