In an ever-confusing world, this is the dose of adorable to keep you sane.

Yes, the country feels like it's gone haywire. Voter fraud. Immigration issues. Women's rights. There are a boatload of topics that have divided the country, which feels like it's slipping into an ever-widening chasm by the hour.

You need a distraction. Something that will make you forget all that's going on in the world. These Golden Retriever puppies are the tonic. Just look at 'em. They're so cute, so wide-eyed, so innocent.

Admit it. For just a brief moment, you forgot about all your troubles. Your woes melted away. Your worries dissipated into a pile of dozing canine cuteness.

No matter what side of the aisle you're on, we can all agree that these slumbering pups make anything better. We've got a way to go before the next presidential election, but maybe #pooch2020 is something we should all think about. They don't stand for the issues. They sit on their hind legs on them.

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