It's National Corn on the Cob Day. I'm from Iowa and love corn on the cob, but I wasn't prepared to celebrate today.

I can't even tell you when I saw this veg in the produce section of the grocery store last. It seems I'm focussed on my list when I shop and after I grab bananas, a lime (yes, always get a lime because, hello....Mexican beer and margaritas at my house NEED it) some lettuce and I'm gone.

I'm trying to cut myself some slack here. I'm an Iowa girl and I know the best time to get the best Iowa sweet corn is toward the END of summer, not the first part of June. Someone other than an Iowan must have chosen this date.

I know, there is corn at the farmer's markets and at the grocery stores now somewhere. I just haven't seen it. And DON"T even suggest we eat it bagged from the freezer section. That's sacrilege in this part of the country.

Let's celebrate the corn on the cob even if it's not on the 'official' day. Grab the butter, peel the husks get those kernels stuck in your teeth. Now THAT says 'summer.'

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