The Fulton Police Department is asking for the public's help and to speak out when they see something out of place. This comes from a staff member of the Fulton Community School district found an iPhone case containing needles that tested meth near a Fulton preschool.

On Thursday (Feb. 27th) the Fulton Police Department took to social media asking its residents if you see something, say something.

According to their Facebook post, on Thursday, a staff member of the Fulton School District located the iPhone 6s box across the street from Fulton Blended Preschool, next to the football field. They want the public to know of this instance so they too can be on the lookout because things may not appear as it seems.

We want you to know so that you can be vigilant and when you observe things that look out of place, please contact the police department, See Something - Say Something!


The post says that the items found did test positive for Methamphetamine. The Fulton Police Department reminds everyone in the community that if you see anything or anyone that appears to be out of place, or doing things that they shouldn't be doing, to contact the Fulton Police Department.

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