It feels like I have found myself writing more and more about scams. 2020 is just the year for more awful and annoying things. Scams are a large part of that.

This scam isn't over social media, email, or on the phone. This one is on the streets of Davenport and other parts of the QC.

Christopher Shoemaker is the owner of Quick Cash Pawn Brokers in Davenport, and has seen some of these scams first hand. He went on to say,

"We’ve had customers coming in with fake gold, fake gold rings, fake gold chains, fake gold bracelets items that they’re buying from people in gas stations, grocery store parking lots.”

As someone who hates scams it is great seeing people like Shoemaker warn others.

One story he shared with Our Quad was one many of us have all seen in one way or another, a man was approached by another man who claimed he ran out of gas and was in need of gas money and sold him what seemed to be 18-carat jewelry. It was not real.

Many of us want to help others, which is great, but keep an eye out on this scam. If you are in the QC and someone tries to sell you fake gold, or fake jewelry don't be afraid to report it.

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