We have seen many scams involving COVID this last year. Some have even hit the Quad Cities. Scammers truly are skilled at finding new ways to harass people. While many still target us about our "extended car warranty." New scams involving COVID are hitting communities

According to KWQC, The FBI Omaha Office is warning multiple communities of a new COVID-19 scam that targets vaccinated individuals.

Officials announced on Tuesday that the number is increasing of those who are vaccinated being asked to participate in fraudulent post vaccine surveys. Cash and prizes are being Offered to those who take this survey.

“No post-vaccine surveys are being conducted by Pfizer, Modern or Johnson & Johnson. Any emails or text messages that appear to be sent from those companies seeking personal financial information, are fraudulent.”

Officials are also warning those who have been vaccinated to not post photos of their vaccine cards on social media. While you are proud of your vaccine it is important to keep your information safe. By showing a picture of you with your card, you are making your personal information accessible to those wishing to steal it to commit fraud.

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As always it is important to stay vigilant, and keep up to date with these scummy scammers. More information can be found here.

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