We posed a question on our Facebook page earlier this week, since Hairball has a friend coming into town for the first time, who he has no idea what to do with.

All of us have experienced this at least once, whether it be a friend, cousin, or your in-laws. They come into town expecting to see and do some fun stuff, when in reality most of us just sit around and drink by the firepit, drink by the TV, or drink at our favorite watering hole.

We really do have a lot of awesome stuff to do in the Quad Cities, and hopefully this will help you find something to do with your family of any age.

Things to Do That Are Uniquely Quad Cities:

Antique Archaelology - LeClaire, Iowa

Photasma via YouTube

Antique Archaelology is home to the American Pickers, and I guarantee no matter where they're from, they've spent some time watching the show. Stop out to their store, and if your timing is right, you might even bump into Mike Wolfe.

Taco Pizza - Anywhere

Happy Joe's via Facebook

It's one of those things we might not jump straight to, but Taco Pizza was born here right at Happy Joe's. Most people haven't had it, and many haven't even heard of it. Stop by your favorite pizza place, because they probably have a variation of it, or take them to the OG at Happy Joe's.

Taco Tato - Hungry Hobo

Hungry Hobo is a uniquely local favorite, and people who leave the area always seek it out when they get back. Some seek them out for the bread, waffle fries and cheese, others are on the hunt for their favorite: The Taco Tato.

The Quad City Botannical Center (Especially in Christmastime) - Rock Island

The Quad City Botannical Center is a great stop to kill a few hours looking at exotic plants and learning about them. If you check their website, you might even find a special event to attend. If you're going in Novemeber or December, be sure to check out the Winter Nights, Winter Lights event they run all Christmas season. Indoor and outdoor walk through beautiful light displays built around the plants on display.

Visit Iowa 80 World's Largest Truck Shop - Walcott

Google Maps

The World's Largest Truckstop is located about 20 minutes north of town, and includes the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum, multiple restaurants, and store with a bunch of Iowa crap. It could be a one night stop.

Eat at Iowa Machine Shed - Davenport

Google Maps

If you want to give someone an authentic Iowa meal, complete with favorites like corn casserole, or a big ass tenderloin, Iowa Machine Shed is the spot to go.

Make Your Own Buttercupp Candles - Moline, LeClaire

You can bring a party, or even just a couple of people, and sip wine or beer while you mix your perfect scent.

See Some Tractors At The John Deere Pavilion - Moline, IL

Farming is thought of as a Midwestern thing, but the John Deere brand is known and used around the world. See what's current, past and coming in the future for farm equipment and even sit inside some tractors at the John Deere Pavilion. This one is especially good for those friends or family members that are the city slicker type.

Have Whitey's Ice Cream - All Over The QC

Whitey's Ice Cream via Facebook

'nuff said.

Watch The Quad City Storm - Moline

Townsquare Media

The Quad City Storm have brought hockey back to the Quad Cities, and at the time of writing this, are sitting at #2 in their league. Check out their website for their full schedule.

Visit LeClaire 

Dozens of locally owned shops, a brewery, a distillery, and some great restaurants sit right on the river. Find great live music, and one of the best views of the river. If it's the right time of year, you might be lucky enough to catch a Food Truck Fight or Tug Fest.

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Walk the Skybridge - Davenport

Mark Detl

Originally created as a safer passage for people walking to the casino that once floated on the Mississippi River, the Skybridge offers a great view of the river day and night. See the sunset over the Mississippi, and then enjoy the beautiful lights that streak down the inner part of the bridge.


Google Maps

Originally created in Muscatine by Fred Angell, the Maid-Rite loose meat sandwich is a Quad Cities delecacy you won't find anywhere other than right here in the heart of the Midwest. There's still plenty of locations in the Quad Cities, and remember to ask for yours extra juicy.

Show Them The Old Millwauke Commercials

As your days draw near to an end, check YouTube for the classic Will Ferrel commercials that were shot here for some reason.

Spot Eagles On Credit Island - Davenport

Brad Foster - Full Throttle Photography

Credit Island holds a lot of history, features an 18-hole disc golf course, and a beautiful view of the river. In colder months, it's also the home and hunting base of dozens of bald eagles. On a good day, you'll see upwards of 60+ of them!

Visit This Historical Site - Davenport

Townsquare Media

It's not just a historical site, it's also the home of your favorite radio station! Drive by and tell your friends, that's where the good music comes from. Don't knock on the door though, we'll be with our families.

Have something else to add to the list? Email us at dorks@2dorks.com

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